Training from the Back of the Room in Bulgaria, BW Premier Collection CiTY Hotel Sofia, петък, 27. септември 2019

Training from the BACK of the Room!
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Based on the latest in cognitive neuroscience (the brain science behind all effective instructional design and human learning) research comes the class that rewrites the rules on training.
Created by Sharon Bowman, “Training from the Back of the Room” is the leading instruction design course trainers identify with internationally as one of the most successful approaches for accelerated learning.  This class provides an entertaining, and practical tour-de-force for every trainer, educator, and instructor of any kind.
"Training from the Back of the Room" (TBR) tackles the 6 learning principles that pull the curtain back on how learners learn and how to make the things they learn stick.  The TBR Certified Trainers of this interactive and provocative class provide solide practice backed by dozens of brain-based activities and many years of research in neuroscience.  We will deliberately avoid the slide deck based training methods that should have become a thing of the past a long time ago and will instead use an interactive approach that follows Bowman's basic 4Cs "map" - a powerful 4-step instructional design and delivery model, that is, by creating a training taylored to the domain that you will be teaching.

Do away with the mundane practices of traditional training and instead apply the six principles of learning based on brain science in trainings of all contexts.
Manifest the brain science behind the interactive, practical ideas in a way that others can easily grasp how neuroscience research can immediately be applied in training.
Add to your toolbox the ability to retain your trainees' attention, retention, and doing it all in a convincing, fun, and interesting manner.
Have at your disposal dozens of learning activities that are easily grasped and can be immediately applied.
The experience of designing your own class during our training, in combination with your own training methods, now in combination with the latest of cognitive neuroscience research.
Receive from the trainers 2 books (including Bowman's best-selling book Training from the BACK of the room. 65 Way to Step Back and Let them Learn and Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick), a 55 page workbook, and access to digital resources that will take your training skills to the next level.
Join a TBR community over Slack where you can share bleeding edge training experience with other professionals.

Amir Peled, Romania I’m Amir Peled, an enthusiastic and energetic Agile Coach with over 7 years of practicing Agile and more than 18 years of project management experience. I have successfully aided organisations in their Agile journey to either adopt or improve their use of Scrum and other Agile frameworks both in troubled projects and new ones. Companies which benefited from my coaching services were of various sizes, from start-ups to multinationals, with diverse backgrounds such as public transport, rail, IT (infrastructure and software development) and banking.
Matey (Matt) Kirilov, Bulgaria/United States
I’m Matey Kirilov, an Agile Coach passionate about team development, systems coaching, individual coaching and the interplay of disciplines that help people work better and learn as a result.  Learning and continuous improvement at times require knowledge transfer in a consultative and training manner and that is where I find TBR indispensable whether I train a class or guest speak at an event.

петък, 27. септември 2019, BW Premier Collection CiTY Hotel Sofia, Training from the Back of the Room in Bulgaria



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