Towards Circular Cities in Utilities - Participatory Event, Sofia, вторник, 05. февруари 2019

Climate KIC is happy to invite you to a participatory event dedicated to circular economy in utilities and aimed at municipalities.
Meet experts and learn about inspiring circular economy stories coming from municipalities and public stakeholders. Come SHARE & LEARN through workshops with cities coming from all over Europe. We will be gathering the needs and challenges of cities already transitioning towards circular economy and those of cities who wish to transition towards circular economy and need a methodology or guidelines to start. All your inputs will be used and developed to write a white paper on circular economy in utilities adapted to your main issues.
WHO CAN REGISTER: Environmental experts working with municipalities, urban planners or/and decision makers. Private or Public organizations working in the utility sector.

вторник, 05. февруари 2019, Sofia, Towards Circular Cities in Utilities - Participatory Event

jsTalks Bulgaria 2019

jsTalks Bulgaria 2019

събота 23. ноември 2019
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AffiliateCon: Sofia 2019

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