The Core Habits of Healthy Organizations , + Tova, вторник, 18. юни 2019

Our team from the Reinventing Organisations movement in Sofia is super excited to invite you to this summer event on health and wellbeing at work. Join us for an evening workshop and dinner to gain insights and practical experience on: 
- Common Beliefs about Company Health, what’s the healthy promise of your company? - Demystifying stress and how it affects the business- Assessing the symptoms of bad stress and burnout in your team - Mental fitness strategies for managers and founders- Team health rituals for creating an emotionally-healthy culture- Mindfulness for busy people 
WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? We see a lot of images like this online. And it feels that the responsibility for our mental health and wellbeing lies solely within each individual. That’s partially about the environment and the companies we’re creating?Where’s the balance between short-term achievement of targets and long-term productivity of the team? Burnout, Sleep deprivation, and Anxiety all actively work to undermine performance and results. They also lead to more sick leaves, toxic company culture, higher turnover, and poor decision making. In the UK, the impact of mental health conditions costs employers £26 billion each year. There's no business data for Bulgaria yet, but we know that 20% of Bulgarians experience some type of mental breakdown in their lives. With this event, we want to move the conversation beyond helping people to manage stress and focus on their also talk about building teams and entire businesses that are not #stress-provoking.WHO ARE OUR SPEAKERS?Demian Burgenikhttps:// has been involved in the start-up movement as well as in the social environment for the last 12 years. Countless amount of people were coached and trained by him over the last years, empowered to follow their dreams or find their merging values and visions in their actual company. He worked together with: Deloitte, Government of Amsterdam and others. Beside this he found two NGO’s focusing on Inclusion and social-separation in Amsterdam as well as one start-up supporting youngsters willing to make a change in the world. He combines solid business experience and deep intuition – creating a space of understanding, reflection and transformation for his clients. He is assertive, direct and Getova  works 1on1 with founders and with teams to create emotionally-healthy, high-performing cultures. A psychologist with the grit of an entrepreneur, she is now launching a new venture in the space of mental and behavioral is a former COO of a SaaS HR startup and prior to that she’s worked in talent and leadership coaching roles at Telerik (now Progress), Ve Global, PwC and the UK Foreign Office. Qualified as a professional coach with Ashridge-HULT, holds an MSc in Organisational Psychology from the London School of Economics, a Mindfulness practitioner, currently in training as a body psychotherapist. Bilyana Georgieva  inspires and assists individuals and organizations on their journey to more joy and fulfillment. Her major tools are empathy, creativity, and expertise in new ways of working, and collaborating (Lego Serious Play, Design Thinking, Sociocracy, Teal, Art of Hosting). She is a constant student of human consciousness and uses this knowledge in her developmental coaching approach.Her clients are usually visionary CEOs and business owners who are looking for more productive, fulfilling and human-centered ways of collaboration. Bilyana has degrees in organizational, cognitive and social psychology, a MBA from Cotrugli business school and over 15 years of experience delivering learning experiences for teams and :
18:30 - arrival and welcome19:00 - 20:45 - workshop20:45 - 21:30 - food and drinks, networkingHOW TO REGISTER?Ticket cost: 59.00 lv, includes a 2-hour workshop, food, and drinks at Plus TovaYou can get your ticket through Eventbrite (follow-the link above) or by bank transfer, using the following bank details:Инспайръл ООДIBAN BG20FINV91501016515922BIC FINVBGSF Първа Инвестиционна БанкаPlease, mention your name and the date of the event as a forward to seeing you there! And of course - bring a friend or a colleague if they'd be interested. 

вторник, 18. юни 2019, + Tova, The Core Habits of Healthy Organizations

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Lead Auditors CQI&IRCA accredited ISO 14001:2015

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Migration CQI&IRCA accredited ISO 45001:2018

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