The Art of Trading - Plovdiv, AL CAPONE CLUB, четвъртък, 05. септември 2019

Hello Bulgaria! Monday, August the 5th we will be hosting the first edition of The Art of Trading – Plovdiv! This event will provide you an introduction into money mastery, financial literacy and an introduction in trading/investing in the financial markets. The term "Trading" intimidates a lot of people. Most people think its high risk and too hard to learn. What if we told you trading wasn't about complex systems and risking every dollar you own? What if we made it not about the thousands or millions you could earn if you wanted too, but instead made it about earning an extra salary to supplement your income? Because that’s why we started!So here are some reasons we think you should consider learning to trade: 1. Trading gives you the opportunity to create and build wealth in a flexible way.2. Because technology is replacing jobs and efficiency. Is your job safe or can technology replace it?3. Self Investment. To become good, even great at anything, it requires time. Learning to trade can be challenging, but its not the markets as such that’s the challenge. Its you, that’s the challenge. Trading takes time, discipline, the correct education and the right attitude. 4. Learning to trade is a financial education investment. What financial education topics were taught at school?5. Flexibility. Whether you work full time or part time, the markets are open 24 hours a day, five days a week - there is opportunity to trade and make profits without it impacting your work life. 6. Its about the only thing where YOU control YOUR risk. When you trade you will never lose more money than YOU allow yourself to. All risk management decisions are on you. Depending on your strategy of trading, create situations where your risk is almost zero. 7. Trading doesn't discriminate. It doesn't care if your black, white, yellow, purple, pink hair, been fired, been to jail. Every new day in the markets is a new day to start new. 8. Raise your own family instead of working a job, to pay for day care etc etc.9. Most people won't become a trading "superstar" but thats like anything, theres only a handful of great sports stars, musicians etc, but theres plenty of opportunity and plenty of people making a great income from it. 10. Risks? If you don't know what you're doing, the risks are high. Which is why EDUCATION is key. Trying to learn it solo will cost you a lot more time and money with. You can't replace the value of guidance, support and mentorship11. Time and Financial freedom. Most people WONT or CANT start trading because they don't have the time or the money to start. Question, Don't you think thats why you SHOULD learn to trade? 12. Its FUN and has given us and many others a total lifestyle change. See you Monday 5th 20:00 at Al Capone Club Plovdiv! Bring with you your curiosity, eagerness to learn and positive mindset!

четвъртък, 05. септември 2019, AL CAPONE CLUB, The Art of Trading - Plovdiv

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