WE ARE LIVING IN CHALLENGING TIMES. We are living in a time of great challenge and opportunity. The challenge comes because we are in a time of confluence and flux where an old energy paradigm and 3D timeline is shifting out to make way for a new one. Many prophecies, the Mayan Calendar and spiritual teachers and channels have spoken about this time. The opportunity is that we are entering a New Age of Light. In this new paradigm, we are the creators of our reality. We are the ones who are here to wake up the collective consciousness to a greater light. We just need to align with this new paradigm of light and release the old one.
STARSEEDS AND THE MULTIDIMENSIONAL NATURE OF REALITY.  We are multidimensional beings and this is just one dimension of the earth. There are many beings here who are Starseeds, meaning not native to this dimension of the earth. However, Starseeds fall asleep when they enter this lower 3D matrix, yet the good news is they are ore-programmed to wake up, shift in vibration and get on with their life mission. Starseeds come to help anchor a new set of energetic frequencies on the earth. Starseeds are the pioneers of consciousness, reality creation/co-creation to help birth a new world. 
CONNECTING WITH THE ASCENDING 5D TIMELINE. Now is the time to awaken to your true authentic self and mission. This means energetically releasing the old paradigm of control, fear and manipulation and anchoring into the new 5D ascending timeline. This is the timeline where we can experience flow, synchronicity and miracles. For a time it was possible to straddle two timelines but now these are splitting and this year it is time to choose. Fear and separation consciousness or love and miracle consciousness?
WHY COME ON THIS RETREAT? On this workshop you will learn how to:

Release all attachments/energy cords to the old 3D Matrix,

Clear and upgrade your chakra system,

Connect your energy fields to the ascending 5D timeline,

Connect with your Higher Self, star guides and angelic helpers.

Raise your energy to allow more 5D joy, light, love, possibility and miracle mindedness into your life. 

RETREAT INFORMATION. This workshop begins Friday 28th June, 10am and ends Sunday 30th at 3pm. (The Friday and Saturday will run to around 5.30pm). The retreat is limited to 20 participants. The investment is £255 (which does not include accommodation). Ten accommodation places have been reserved in a nearby villa at £30 per night which includes vegan breakfast. This price also includes a taxi each day to the venue, which is about 15 minutes away by car. Apart from these rooms participants can also choose to book another local B&B, AirB&B or Hotel. All required details of accommodation and travel will be sent upon booking. (For those coming from the UK Easyjet offer direct flights to Varna from Gatwick and Wizz Air offer direct flights from Luton. Thomas Cook Airlines also fly to Varna from the UK). The workshop venue is close to the sea and on Saturday evening we plan to arrange for a group outing to a local restaurant near the beach. Participants are welcome to come a few days before and stay on after the retreat to enjoy the beautiful coastline.   
On the Saturday morning there will be a session with Katie on movement. 
Steve Nobel is an author, spiritual coach and founder of Soul Matrix Healing. Steve was a director of Alternatives, based in St, James’s Church, Piccadilly, London W1 for 13 years (Jan 2000 – Dec 2012) He had a wake-up call in 91 and another in 2010 which was triggered by a Kundalini awakening followed by a dark night of the soul experience.He runs workshops and retreats in the UK and Europe.
Katie Holland is the organiser who lives in Varna. Her website is Awakened Belly Dance. 


Digital Detox Cruise Spain, France & Italy

Digital Detox Cruise Spain, France & Italy

неделя 23. август 2020


събота 11. юли 2020
Kitchen Survivor
вторник 21. юли 2020
Торта Павлова
неделя 12. юли 2020
PRE-marathon milonga of the 9th Varna Summer TANGO Marathon
четвъртък 13. август 2020
Golf Tournament on Lighthouse Golf Course
събота 18. юли 2020
Mamma Mia
вторник 21. юли 2020
Time Travel with Franzy
събота 11. юли 2020
Бързи салонни дизайни с Brillbird
понеделник 13. юли 2020
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