Smart Start with ASP.NET Core mvc567, Business Incubator Burgas, сряда, 25. септември 2019

Nowadays a large number of people who have interesting and innovative thinking start to realize their ideas to improve the world. Unfortunately, in the technical startups, there are a lot of repeatable and non-business related but required procedures like content management, authentication, and authorization, security, SEO, etc. So then comes mvc567. It is a high performance, open-source ASP.NET Core based web application platform. It provides CMS functionality to its users. The platform is provided in the form of .NET Standard packages which provides simple integration in addition to features like content management, authentication, and authorization, security, and optimizations for search engines.
The event is mainly related to explain how to create an application with mvc567 with just a few steps. While the presentation will be explained:

How to setup mvc567
How to create and manage application models
How to protect the administration
How to create a semi-SPA page with Vue.js
How to optimize your pages for search engines 

The web application development process doesn't have to be complicated. Skip the boring part of your new application and work mainly on the business part of it. Come and figure out how.

сряда, 25. септември 2019, Business Incubator Burgas, Smart Start with ASP.NET Core mvc567



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