Security perspective with Windows Named **** , VMware Bulgaria Building 1, понеделник, 13. май 2019

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About the topic:A named **** is an interesting mechanism that enables IPC for applications to communicate locally or remotely. This talk is about enumerating different attack vectors on named **** and what could wrong with named **** on windows from a security perspective. In this session, we will discuss the need of adding proper ACL and how not setting proper ACL can lead to information leakage, impersonation attack , race condition and squatting : Sreelakshmi Panangatt
She is a security engineer from VMware product security team. She holds a master’s degree in cybersecurity systems from Amrita University and Vrije University, Amsterdam. Outside work, she likes to play CTFs. More about her works can be found at : FREEWhere: Coffee London, 16A G. M. DIMITROV BLVD., VMware BulgariaWhen: 10.04.2019, 19:30-21:30 h.We expect you!

понеделник, 13. май 2019, VMware Bulgaria Building 1, Security perspective with Windows Named ****

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