Second meeting of Plovdiv Power BI user group, Clouds@Kodar, сряда, 24. април 2019

It's a real pleasure to announce the next PUG meeting! This time with very special quests - Ricardo Cabral and André Melancia from Portugal!
Ricardo Cabral is a Technical Engineer and also a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). André Melancia is a Developer / DBA / Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) focusing on SQL Server, Azure, IoT and Security. He has 19+ years' fun developing information and multimedia systems, DBA, project and IT management. Both are founders and organisers of Data Community Portugal, IT Pro Portugal and PowerShell Portugal.
In two hours, we will have the chance to learn something new and interesting, on the following:
"Licence to Collect Data" - Ricardo Cabral
You are on a mission in Plovdiv to collect real time data and send it to Power BI headquarters in the cloud...
"BI Powers - The A.I. Who Tagged Me" - André Melancia
So everyone knows how to make some nice graphs in Power BI from Excel or SQL Server... but what about getting "intelligent" results from unusual data sources?
"AAAAA - Ask Aliens Anything About Anything" - André Melancia & Ricardo Cabral
Fun time is guaranteed! :)

сряда, 24. април 2019, Clouds@Kodar, Second meeting of Plovdiv Power BI user group

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