Plug Into Paysafe X Generation. Boost your IT career., Sofia, понеделник, 17. юни 2019

Do you want to boost your IT Career and become part of the X Generation of Paysafe? Season 10 is here and we’d like to invite you to learn more about our upcoming IT Internship Programme on June 17th! During the event you will have a chance to meet some of our colleagues, who’ll be the key members of our X Programme and will support the Interns to become outstanding Engineers. You will learn more about our Internship Programme, how you can apply and what will make you a successful part of our X Generation. We’d also give you the chance to meet colleagues of ours who joined Paysafe as Interns back in the years and currently are key members of our Scrum teams as junior, regular, senior and principal Software Engineers! Once you ask them everything you want to know about their journey at Paysafe, we’ll have the chance to have a drink and grab some pizza together.
A few words about Paysafe:
-          Product company developing complex payments solutions used by end-clients and businesses all over the world
-          1000+ employees in Sofia, over 300 of which part of the IT Development department
-          3000 internal and external training programmes per year
We’ve completed 9 successful paid internships till the moment and it’s time for the X Generation! The internship is 6-months long, split into 2 modules – 3 months of intensive training and after successful passing 3 months actual work as part of our Scrum teams.
We’d like to get on board people without or with a few months relevant experience, who have good understanding of Java or other OOP language gained in the university or relevant courses.
Don’t wait any longer and RSVP for the event! The seats are limited and we’d like you to feel comfortable!
We look forward to meeting you on June 17th!

понеделник, 17. юни 2019, Sofia, Plug Into Paysafe X Generation. Boost your IT career.

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