O365 Developer BootCamp Bulgaria 2018, Puzl CowOrKing, събота, 27. октомври 2018

Office 365 offers an incredible opportunity for developers, with business-critical data and millions of users combined with a platform designed to keep people in the flow of their work. As a developer, you can use the tools you work with every day to create intelligent, connected products and solutions.
In Oct-Nov 2018, the second Global Office 365 Developer BootCamp
Global Office 365 Developer BootCamp Bulgaria will be held on 27 of October at Puzl CowOrKing, 47 bulevard "Cherni vrah", 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria.
Program TBA

събота, 27. октомври 2018, Puzl CowOrKing, O365 Developer BootCamp Bulgaria 2018

Meet & Code: Роботоландия

Meet & Code: Роботоландия

неделя 21. октомври 2018
Once Upon A Time Charity Ball

Once Upon A Time Charity Ball

събота 24. ноември 2018
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