Lead Auditors Conversion CQI&IRCA accredited ISO 14001:2015, Bulgaria, сряда, 25. септември 2019

Introduction to the standard and benefits of being trained
With ever-increasing environmental concerns around the world, ISO 14001 is seen as evidence of a high commitment to environmental protection. Over 110,000 organizations in 138 countries comply with ISO 14001 and are certified by accredited organizations to demonstrate their commitment to addressing environmental concerns.
The ISO 14000 series of standards refers to "environmental management" which provides guidelines for organizations on how:
   Reduce the harmful impact of their activities on the environment
   To achieve continuous improvement in terms of environmental protection.
Objectives of the course
After the training:
• The course provides the delegates with knowledge and skills related to the preparation, planning, conducting and reporting of conformity assessment audits of Environmental Management Systems developed according to the requirements of ISO 14001: 2015.
• The combination of presentations, discussions, work on specific case studies (independently and in a team) aims to develop understanding and skills to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.
Program (we prefer using Topic of the course and don’t want to list the full programme of the course by days)

Process approach;
Standards, Principles, Definitions;
Review of the requirements of ISO 14001: 2015 and their implementation in practice in the organization's activities
Methodology of the identification of the aspects and the assessment of the impact on the environment;
Obligations of compliance;
Techniques for conducting audits;
Planning, conducting, reporting of audits;
Continuous improvement techniques.

Profile of attendees (eg. Quality managers, certifiers, etc.)

This training course is useful for auditors of other management systems and everybody who would like to get acquainted to the “good management practices”, which are part of the requirements of the standard, Auditors, Quality and environmental Managers, Manager Representatives, Experts, etc

Requirements to attend the course ((eg. to have a knowledge on ISO 9001, etc.)
Successfully completed 5 day CQI&IRCA accredited course in another discipline.
To meet the IRCA requirements, the presence of the training requires prior knowledge in the field of environment. Contact Intertek Academy team for detailed information.
Details of the course:
The course is registered by the International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA), and meets part of the training requirements for individuals seeking registration as an auditor or lead auditor under the international scheme.
During the course each delegate is continuously evaluated on the following criteria: time management, application of requirements, team work, contribution, presentation and personal communication skills. Minimum 70% is required to pass the continuous assessment.
The course ends with exam is also given, which also requre a positive score of minimum 70%. The exam is structured in 4 parts and a minimum of 50% is required for each part. A sample exam is also provided as part of the program.
Successful completion of both components are a prerequisite for obtaining a course certificate and that can be registered with CQI-IRCA.
A delegate who has not been able to pass the exam has the opportunity to take another exam within the next 12 months. The resit exam may be placed on the next course at Intertek Academies using a different exam or at Intertek office.
Failure to pass the continuous assessment or resit exam requires attendance in a new course.
Presence throughout the full duration of the course is a must. In case of absence, the respective delegate is not eligible to attend an examination and must attend to another course.
In accordance with CQI-IRCA rules, if you have completed a 5-day training course for lead auditors, you can obtain additional qualification as lead auditor of a different standard by attending a 3-day training course.
Please note, a member of the Intertek team will contact you after registration regarding course fee information.

сряда, 25. септември 2019, Bulgaria, Lead Auditors Conversion CQI&IRCA accredited ISO 14001:2015

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