IT world: Tip and Tricks to negotiate your salary, VMware Bulgaria Building 1, вторник, 01. октомври 2019

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About the topic:

You have worked hard, brought to bear your smarts, met deadlines and goals. Don’t leave your raise or promotion to chance.

Remind your boss, capturing quantitatively and qualitatively your contributions.

You’ve decided your need a career change, practiced for interviews, done well onsite. Now it is time to negotiate your offer.

In this talk we help you craft your case, emphasizing dos and don’ts. We shall discuss examples to reinforce the lesson.

Lecturer: Malini Bhandaru

She leads open source IoT efforts at VMware, and serves as EdgeX Foundry Security Work Group co-chair. She first worked on AI/ML and IoT long before they were hot! Prior to VMware, during her decade long career at Intel, she worked on big data for autonomous driving, OpenStack for cloud infrastructure management, Open Daylight for software defined networking, speeding cryptography in OpenSSL, and architecting Xeon server power and performance features. She is a frequent conference speaker, has over 20 patents granted or applied for, and a Ph.D. in Machine Learning from the University of Massachusetts. She is a STEM coach, child advocacy volunteer, and mentor. She has delivered the “Command Presence” Workshop at Tokyo, Austin, and Barcelona. OpenStack events. She enjoys gardening.

Tickets: FREE

Where: Coffee London, 16A G. M. DIMITROV BLVD., VMware Bulgaria

When: 01.10.2019, 19:30-21:30 h.

We expect you!

вторник, 01. октомври 2019, VMware Bulgaria Building 1, IT world: Tip and Tricks to negotiate your salary



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