Investing in Social Challenges, Inter Expo Center - Tsarigradsko Shose, понеделник, 24. юни 2019

Making money is happiness. And that's a great incentive. Making other people happy is super-happiness. Muhammad Yunus
The international conference "Investing in Social Challenges" aims at drawing the attention of the main stakeholders of social entrepreneurship development in Bulgaria, Greece, UK, Belgium and other interested countries on how the professional trainers and investors can improve social impact through the use of relevant knowledge, training and tools. This event is prompted by the discussions in several workshops and focus groups that took place during the elaboration of intellectual products of a project named Boost Aid for Social Entrepreneurship through Training, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. This project has been implemented to foster social entrepreneurship through upgrading the knowledge and skills of those professionals (trainers and investors) who work and support social entrepreneurs in the start-up and scale-up stages of their business.
The following group of representatives of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem are invited to take part in the conference: social entrepreneurs, social ventures, social business support organisations, impact enablers, business leaders, think-tanks, policy makers, the training organisations, professionals who consult, mentor, advice, train, coach and facilitate social enterprises, institutional investors, social impact funds managers, bank managers, business angels, professional organisations of the investors, etc.
9.30 Opening
9.45 - 11.00: Keynote speakers

Béatrice BELLINI, PhD in Management Sciences, Director of Positive Business Chair, Paris Nanterre University, France;

Ewa Konczal, CEE Manager, European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA);

Ben Botes, CEO SeedsLife Investment Group, entrepreneur, angel investor and VC with a passion for emerging markets and societal impact.

11.00 - 11.30: Coffee break and networking
11.30 - 13.00: 1st panel: The social venture good practices and peer networks role
Moderator - Nikolay Yarmov, CEO at CEED Bulgaria, co-founder of Centres for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development, managed by the Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF);
The main topic for discussion: All social entrepreneurs need peer networks that help them become more effective business leaders. They find difficulties to obtain business professionals (trainers, mentors, consultants, business developers) with specialized skills to help address issues their ventures are facing. This challenge is only amplified in the social sector, where resource constraints may make it difficult to attract and hire highly skilled professionals.

Aurélie Rompler, founder and CEO at the Creative District, a social enterprise established in 2014 in Brussels for accompanying and promoting the entrepreneurship in the cultural, creative and Media industries. Creative District creates coworking and shared offices space, spaces of interaction, socialization and innovation in which develops a creative ecosystem in cities;

Marina Stefanova, PhD and Chairperson of the Bulgarian CSR Specialists Association and Sustainable Development Director at the Bulgarian Network of the UN Global Contract; Leader of Kauzi Foundation;

Blazhka Dimitrova, founder of the first zero-waste restaurant in Bulgaria, Blagicha`s kitchen - a kitchen with a cause. Social cause: Providing work for disadvantaged young people; supporting various social causes - conducting courses for children and youth from homes and shelters. What is the underlying cause?

13.00 - 14.00: Lunch and networking
14.00 - 15.30: 2nd panel: Investing in social challenges or impact investment
Moderator - Ben Botes - CEO SeedsLife Investment Group, entrepreneur, angel investor and VC with a passion for emerging markets and societal impact;
The main topic for discussion: The fuel of the ecosystem: sources of capital including seed funding, grants, and philanthropic and venture capital (representing both public and private sources). Traditional funders are inward-looking when assessing how to support a social enterprise. They say "can we do it?" rather than "how can we help?” and often underutilize non-financial resources.

Ewa Konczal, CEE Manager, European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA);

Milen Ivanov, representative of the Founders Institute for Bulgaria, founder and Member of the Board of Directors of Horizons Bulgaria, founder and CEO at Angels Club;

Nikolay Yarmov, CEO at CEED Bulgaria, co-founder of Centres for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development, managed by the Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF)

15.30 - 17.00: 3rd panel: Train the educators and mentors of social entrepreneurs - needs, tools and good practices
Moderator - Aris Chronopoulos, President of IDEC SA, management consultant, QMS auditor, trainer and mentor at the IDEC Training centre;
The main topic for discussion: Finding the right mentors can be the determining success factor for social entrepreneurs, especially for those starting out. Mentoring can offer insightful advice, accountability, support and encouragement. A good mentor can help social entrepreneurs avoid common mistakes and focus on the highest priorities. Is train the trainers and mentors of social entrepreneurs are challenge? What we have to follow when organizing such training?

Yuri Valkovski, Managing Director of Reach for Change Bulgaria, Financial Manager at the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation and member of the Strategic Group of the European Initiative Soul for Europe;

Yavor Gochev, trainer and mentor at the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Training at the BCause Foundation, Leader of the social initiative Treatment without borders, member of the advisory board of the Bulgarian Career Forum and co-developer of programmes on Social Entrepreneurship at the Sofia University;

Milena Koleva MBA, founder and leader at the Innovation Management Academy - a joint initiative of HIRON - Innovation Management & KISMC, training provider of the Global Innovation Management Institute in Boston, representative of IXL Centre, Italy for Bulgaria;

17.00: Closing

понеделник, 24. юни 2019, Inter Expo Center - Tsarigradsko Shose, Investing in Social Challenges



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