Business Builders Class by Norman Winarsky, Sofia Tech Park, вторник, 16. октомври 2018

The course will cover main elements of building a breakthrough company: source of venture ideas, developing a compelling value proposition and designing a plan, recruiting a team, finding investors and board members, scaling the company, avoiding common mistakes, deciding whether to sell or go IPO, and concluding with what it takes to build a company that can sustain itself through innovation.  
The class is perfect for you if you are: First - you are entrepreneurial, and are seeking opportunities to help found, lead, and build great companies. Second - you are creating and building these companies, you will want a guide to help you reach your goals.
*Requirements: This class requires that each student who enrolls must either individually or as part of a team have at least one breakthrough venture concept they’d like to consider pursuing or developing in class. The readings and lectures will help you understand the process of creating your venture, but our experience is that you will only get value from this class if we work with you directly on these venture concepts.*

вторник, 16. октомври 2018, Sofia Tech Park, Business Builders Class by Norman Winarsky

Meet & Code: Роботоландия

Meet & Code: Роботоландия

неделя 21. октомври 2018
Once Upon A Time Charity Ball

Once Upon A Time Charity Ball

събота 24. ноември 2018
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