Awakening the Goddess Within, AMARA Center, петък, 15. ноември 2019

Sacred Feminine Embodiment Immersion

Join Sedona Soulfire and other spirited sisters for a nourishing and expansive weekend of sacred dance, mystical embodiment and women's ritual.

Within the synergy of sacred sister circle we will weave a tapestry of embodied spiritual alchemy as we ignite our inner radiance and awaken the divine feminine frequencies within.
This immersion offers the tools for each woman to have direct response and immediate experience with the great goddess streams of wisdom and capability that naturally course through her own beingness. We will share in a multitude of potent practices to experience and embody the full potential of our feminine power.
This will be a well balanced weekend of focused acute technique, exploratory intuitive free form movement, sharing circles, intention setting, prayer, journaling, contemplative space and both gentle and invigorated movement practices.
This weekend will offer the opportunity to deepen within the miraculous power of our own embodiment. To attune, clear and open the divine instruments of our bodies . To be nourished by the creative force that lies at the center of our womanly well-spring as we playfully explore and embody our divinely dynamic multifaceted nature.

Friday Nov. 15th
(2 1/2 - 3 Hours) Shakti Empowerment Ritual
Saturday Nov 16th
(Morning Classes - 4 Hours)
Your Body Is An Instrument Part 1: Temple Dance, Tantra, Yantra, Mantra, Mudra
Goddess Embodiment: “Power of the Trinity”
* Lunch
(Afternoon Class - 3 Hours)
Dance of The Feminine Divine” A DANCE RITUAL
Sunday Nov. 17th
(Morning Classes - 4 Hours)
Your Body is an Instrument Part 2: Sacred Shapes, Symbols
Goddess Embodiment: “Yogini Dancer”
* Lunch
(Afternoon Class - 3 Hours)
Archetypal Expressions
Class Descriptions listed below:
Friday: Shakti Empowerment Ritual
A sacred women’s ritual of reclaiming and remembrance. Step into a sister circle where we will invoke the Divine Feminine Force of Shakti in ourselves and our lives for guidance, support and personal empowerment. Through this co-creative Goddess ceremony we will access, conjure and direct supportive Shakti energies towards the clarification and manifestation of our heart-felt intentions. We will bless ourselves and our bodies in their original divine design; as earthly embodiments of the creative force, portals of bliss and expressions of divinity. This sister circle ritual will help us to vitalize and enliven our sacred connections (to self, our sisters, Shakti spirit, our bodies and our intentions). A beautiful consecration and celebration of our innate power and beauty as women.
Your Body is an Instrument Part 1: “Temple Dance, Tantra, Yantra, Mantra, Mudra”
Our bodies are profound instruments of power. Through intentional awareness, breath and movement (dance), we can access this power and consciously work with and through it. We can open portals of catalyst, renewal, and transformation, both for ourselves personally, and for the collective. Through a sacred synthesis of temple dance traditions, eastern movement modality and embodied yogic philosophy we will vitalize and empower ourselves, honoring and tuning our bodies as the profound alchemical instruments they are. Drawing inspiration from these temple dance and yogic traditions of India and Nepal, we will cover shapes, symbology, sculptural postures, arm pathways, foot work, meaningful mudra, and eye movements.
We will explore geometric alignment in the yantra of our bodies in order to harmonize our own inner polarity pairs: solar/lunar shiva/shakti yin/yang.
This dynamic practice will clear the channels and the meridians of the body, balance the chakras and bring the body into a clarified and vitalized space of high-vibration.
Goddess Embodiment: “Power of the Trinity”
Consciousness expresses itself in threes. Through ritual invocation, affirmation, meditative movement sequencing and intuitive embodiment flow we will explore the magic and wisdom of our inner Goddess Trinities;
Creator/Sustainer/Destroyer, Maiden/Mother/Crone, Power/Love/Wisdom. When we honor and awaken these energies in ourselves we are more able to live a life of grace as we embrace natures cycles as they find expression in our bodies, our womanhood and the dance of life itself.
* This portion of the day is a lovely preparation for the later afternoon “Dance of Feminine Divine Dance Ritual’ as we dance these sacred trinities to life as part of the ritual itself.
“Dance of The Feminine Divine” A DANCE RITUAL
This powerful and ceremonious sacred dance ritual is a modern merging of ancient sacred dance and yoga lineages,(Belly Dance, Odissi Temple Dance, and Nepalese Temple Dance) Through Mudra, Yantra, Shapes, Symbols, Postures and the energy of our own embodiment we will we will ignite the flame of our sacred femininity! Each movement and motion of this ritual dance is filled with intention and meaning, affirming and activating various aspects of our Divinity Femininity. We will access the profound power of eastern dance technologies as dance the sacred story of woman’s cosmic cycles and open the way to embody and express DIVINE energy.
Your Body is an Instrument Part 2: “Sacred Shapes, Symbols”
In this class will open to the mystical power of sacred woman’s womb dance as we align with the deeper meaning of serpents, undulations, waves, spirals, circles and infinity loops.
As we embody these sacred shapes and symbols with presence and attention we are able to connect with their wisdom. We will tap into our deep-seated womb wisdom, awakening within ourselves an enchanting embodied language encoded with the ancient stories of birthing, life cycles, creativity, celebration and ancient goddess gnosis.
Goddess Embodiment: “Yogini Dancer”
Through Goddess Yoga Flow, Dancing Postures, Focused Breath-work and Shakti Mantras we will connect and commune with the Great Goddesses of the Yogic pantheon, working with their unique transformative qualities for more peace, purpose and prosperity on the path.

Kali - Radical Transformation, Fierce Love, Ego Dissolution,
Durga - Will Power, Action, Confidence, Clarity, Inner Strength
Lakshmi - Abundance, Spiritual Luster, Contentment, Bliss, Beauty
Saraswati - insight, higher understanding, truth, learning, arts, purity
Parvati - balance in spiritual and worldly pursuits, discipline, healthy relationships, harmony

Archetypal Expressions:
Archetypes are the blueprints of the universe, cosmic powers and energies that make up existence as we know it. They are represented in the Tarot and God/desses of various traditions and cultures. Through this evocative experience we will awaken our oracular powers, activate our super-sensual awareness and open to the universal wisdom of archetypes. A sacred opportunity to intuit and dance the archetypes into embodied BE-ing, accessing deep personal wisdom through the process.
Sedona Soulfire:
Ever since she was a young girl, dancing has been Sedona’s purest and most authentic expression. After spending her youth years immersed in classical western dance and theatrical performance arts study she turned her focus towards the Dances of the Silk Road. Deeply moved by the sacred history, rich cultural essence, and transformative power of Eastern Dance and Yoga lineages, she has spent the last 16 years in extensive training, travel and research. She has studied Women’s Womb Dance (bellydance) across the globe as well as Odissi Temple Dance and Vinyasa Krama Yoga at the Shakti School of Dance in Rajasthan, India, Charya Nritya Nepalese Temple Dance out of the Dance Mandal Temple in Portland Oregon and has received her Yoga Teacher Training Certification through the Integral Yoga Institute and Tantra Yoga TT through Satya Loka.
This lifetime of study has culminated into a vibrant life of teaching and performing sacred embodiment both nationally and internationally. In addition to her sacred dance facilitation and performance, she is also an ordained minister, ritualist and present day priestess. She has received initiatory priestess training with Marguerite Rigoglioso of the 7 Sisters Mystery School and is a Initiated 13 Moon Priestess through Ariel Spilsbury’s 13 Moon Mystery School
When she is not abroad you will find her in Portland Oregon, where
She produces conscious sacred art events, leads women’s wellness circles, teaches weekly sacred embodiment classes and facilitates community ceremonial celebrations . She is here to support one and all in experiencing and expressing their sacred selves to the FULLEST, in the HIGHEST as embodied, empowered Earth God/desses! She dedicates all her work towards the awakening of human consciousness and the realization of the Divinity within.

петък, 15. ноември 2019, AMARA Center, Awakening the Goddess Within



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