Ahead of the Edge & IoT with Interconnectivity, NETWORKING: Premium Coworking Space, понеделник, 27. май 2019


DATE: 27.04.2019

PLACE: Networking Sofia: Premium Coworking Spaces - Sofia, str. 25


- Example projects from 2018 “IoT” products on the market

- Flashback to an “early IoT” product

- Differences between 2012, 2018 and today

- Being ahead of the Edge

- Interconnectivity

- Design of new IoT products

- How teams can win this new challenge

- Role of the executive management in the process

- New business models

- Real-life example from 2019, a new industrial product

- Q&A

- Drinks and tapas

Dimitar Tomov has over 14 years of experience in the field of Embedded Systems and is an owner of young technological company.

His first professional project was an industrial controller integrated in a Plastic recycling plant in 2005, when he was still a student at the “High School for Machine Engineering“ in Sofia. The project used 8-bit microprocessor and program written in assembler.

Focused on creating new products and systems. From specialized devices like “Hearing aid programmers” for Sivantos(ex Siemens Audiology), through industrial systems for monitoring and control, to Paravirtualization and High Performance Computing(HPC) for the latest ARMv8.

In 2018 he takes part in a total of five “IoT” projects, three for different world leading companies, one for US-based startup and one for Austrian-based startup.

Also in 2018, Dimitar moves his business from Germany to Estonia, where he founded „DesignFirst OÜ” and today with his Bulgarian team develops two new own products.

понеделник, 27. май 2019, NETWORKING: Premium Coworking Space, Ahead of the Edge & IoT with Interconnectivity

Lead Auditors CQI&IRCA accredited ISO 14001:2015

Lead Auditors CQI&IRCA accredited ISO 14001:2015

понеделник 04. ноември 2019
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Lead Auditors Information Security Management Systems ISO 27001
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