Agile Coaching Workshop #4, Capital Fort (Manhattan conference room), сряда, 26. юни 2019

Our fourth workshop will focus on the Agile-Lean Practitioner skills from Agile Coaching Framework.
During the session, Dimitar Bakardzhiev will lead and facilitate a Scrumban game for the attendees.
Playing the game, we will be able to practice and learn the following:

How to prepare and make use of Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD), Customer Lead Time scatter plot, System - Lead Time histogram, Flow Efficiency, Due Date Performance, SLE performance

How to offer Classes of Service

How to manage the flow of work in your Scrum team

How to visualize your work

How to limit work-in-progress (WIP)

How to make policies explicit

How to Implement feedback loops

How to Improve collaboratively, evolve experimentally

In the game you will successfully improve the performance of your Scrum team by applying the Kanban method, while keeping the Scrum framework intact.

We started in 2018 with Scrum Master clinics in Sofia and we completed 6 events.
We are now continuing in 2019 by restructuring the event to a workshop format.
We focus our meetups towards Agile Coaching and Agile Coaching Framework.
Our first event in February was dedicated to Facilitation.
Second event in March was dedicated to Coaching and Mentoring and the difference between them.
The third event in May was about Teaching and Sharon Bowman "Teaching from the Back of the room".

Usually: Workshop format, with topics brought from the attendees.
This time: learning through playing game.

If all goes well you'll return to work invigorated, and buzzing with new ideas.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Metro Line 1 – “Tsarigradsko Shose” station
There are visitors parking area in Capital Fort free of charge for the first hour. After that the price is 1 BGN per hour.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You can contact

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No. We have a printed list of participants with us.

сряда, 26. юни 2019, Capital Fort (Manhattan conference room), Agile Coaching Workshop #4



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